This is What Makes Our Honey So Special

We are very proud of the honey of our bees. They provide us with a first-class quality product, and we do everything we can to ensure that the honey in the jar does not lose any of its quality.
Our organic honey is aromatic in taste and has a very fine consistency.
It is natural, we do not add anything from the outside.
Our etiquette is made by hand at our home. We want the appearance of the honey jar to be as special as our honey inside.

By purchasing our honey you support our work on the bees. Beekeeping is our hobby, not our main occupation. 


As long as available, we sell the organic mountain blossom honey.
For a short time in summer, the exclusive honeycombs are also available. Directly from the organic honeycomb a culinary highlight and for us the purest honey that exists.
If you have any questions or suggestions in connection with bee products, contact us please.  

Here you can get our honey

You can purchase our honey directly from us in Gsteig.
You can also get it in the following shop:
Würzbar Fiedler & Co, Untergstaadstrasse 24, 3780 Gstaad
Peter’s Ches Lade, Gsteigstrasse 10, 3785 Gsteig
Romantik Hotel Hornberg, Familie Hoefliger- von Siebenthal, Bahnhofstrasse 36, 3777 Saanenmöser

Family Wampfler-Nigg / Gsteigstrasse 63 / 3785 Gsteig b. Gstaad / 079 609 82 65 /