Welcome to Our World of the Bees

Our bees are a matter of the heart to us. We do our best for their well-being. This also means that we keep them as naturally as possible and treat them with great esteem. We also handle the bee products with great respect, whether it is honey, wax, pollen or propolis.
Nowadays, when bees have to struggle with difficult environmental conditions and pesticides, naturally our beekeeping is certified organic.

Our Principles

We treat our bees with respect and esteem. We take care of them and their products.
We leave the products as untouched as possible. Nothing is added to them.
We do the beekeeping strictly after the biological guidelines and are bio certified.
We leave the bees their honey in the brood area and take only the honey for us humans which is produced in abundance.
We do not use formic acid for the treatment against the Varroa mite. This is associated with much effort, which we accept gladly.
The bees have known for a long time what they do, we trust them. We do not question the bees, but ourselves. We learn from the bees, not them from us.
We select our locations for the bee colonies meticulously. We look at plant diversity and as little pesticide contamination as possible.
We are discoverers in our hearts and try new things if they make sense to us.

Family Wampfler-Nigg / Gsteigstrasse 63 / 3785 Gsteig b. Gstaad / 079 609 82 65 / info@biobienen.ch