Our Beekeeping

We currently have 16 bee colonies with Buckfast bees in Dadant Blatt boxes and 3 colonies in Mini plus. The bees are diligent and we like to have them around our house. It's nice when the garden hums and buzzes.


We have apiaries at four different locations in the Saanenland. Our main location and wintering quarters are at our home in Gsteig. An apiary in the Gründ above Gsteig is only for the young colonies that they can grow up calmly and without danger. Another apiary is situated a little higher at about 1500 m.a.s. in an idyllic mountain landscape on the Wispile.
We have two young hives stationed in Saanen in the middle of the village centre for the school children. 

Honey harvest

We collect honey once a year, mostly in July. The honey obtained is a mixture of the regional mountain flowers and tastes fantastic. It is slowly stirred by us so that it remains finely crystallized and spreadable.
In addition, we offer Honey directly in the honeycomb as a delicacy, from the organic honeycombs a unique experience as one can otherwise only experience as a beekeeper. 

Family Wampfler-Nigg / Gsteigstrasse 63 / 3785 Gsteig b. Gstaad / 079 609 82 65 / info@biobienen.ch