Children and Bees

The world of tomorrow is in the hands of children.
In spring 2019 we will bring two beehives to the JFK International School in Saanen. There is a group of students who will actively care for the bees under our guidance. They will get a deeper insight into the world of bees, which they will carry to the whole school. We hope that this project will raise children's awareness of the topic of bees in a sustainable way. The children learn to take responsibility and to appreciate the bees. They also learn a lot about the interrelations in nature.
If you would like to find out more about this project, please contact us.

Bee Sponsorship

Would you like to have a deeper insight into a bee colony and actively participate in the bee year? We would be happy to inform you about possible sponsorships and if you wish, we can take you to the bees with us.
You support the bees and our work with it, thank you.

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